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Glad to have you here.  @Tech Huddle you will be exposed to the latest technology skills empowering you for the 21st century.

The 21st Century is a melting pot of technology advancements. It is the beginning of a new era defined by CyberSecurity, CloudComputing and AI.  We are experiencing this paradigm shift across  all the industry verticals and it is now impacting the way we transact and connect.

Accompanied by the 'gig economy' - the digital transformation is fueling the opportunities for many youngsters and as the world is moved by technology for every action we perform - be it personal or professional, it is time you upgrade yourself with the right 21st trade-crafts.


Here is a chance to upgrade your students digitally to make them visible to global opportunities. 

Continuing the tradition, ITK Education is presenting Digital Transformation Workshops across India at select Engineering colleges under the special ITK TECH HUDDLE initiative. 

The digital transformation workshops will be a 1-day interaction program offered to all the Under-graduate Students and faculty members of Engineering colleges.  

Experts from ITK Education are set to provide the online / in-person hands-on training on important technologies such as Zoho Creator Cloud App Development, Cyber Security and Basics of AI.

Each week, a workshop covering one skill set will be conducted for 5 Hours.

You will acquire the knowledge, skills, and ability to build low code apps using Zoho Creator, become aware of the various cybersecurity attacks and defense techniques, learn to set-up & implement cyber security for individuals and companies on Quick Heal technology.

All participants will be issued with a Certificate of Participation from ITK Education as a “Certified Digital Enabler"

Register your institution for the special and make your students become digital enablers in just five hours. Write to today and we will take it from there.


As students, you will now need to be equipped with the right knowledge, skills and abilities on the above technologies for landing in right careers.

Since 2016, ITK Education Services has been providing technology updates and skilling to young under-graduates – guiding and equipping them with 21st century trade crafts.  Many thousands of our students across India have benefitted from our seminars, webinars, online & in-campus training programs, hackathons – leading to knowledge empowerment, skills acquisitions, digital internships and placements.


Show case your skills wherever needed - be it a college project or building an app for that college event or take a gig in support-development / internship opportunities through ITK.

Creative Working


We select bright and passionate minds for some very special gigs.  These gigs will help you learn advanced tools and put some money in your pocket too!


You get up-skilled on 3 most important skill sets;

  1. Low Code AI based app development using Zoho Creator

  2. Cyber security invigilation on Quick Heal Technologies

  3. Introduction to ChatGPT and uses.

Open Workspace
Casual Meeting


Once you have completed the workshop, you will get access to a whole bunch of professionals with whom you can discuss, ideate and research solutions. ITK collaborates with many institutions in research and app inventions and you could be a part of it.


  • Exposure to Cloud Computing - Ideate, research, design, build and publish cloud apps using Zoho Creator

  • Learn to invigilate cyber security and run protocols using Quick Heal    

  • technology tools.

  • Acquire knowledge in using ChatGPT and get introduced to various prompts that bring in the power of AI to processes.

  • Digital Transformation Workshop Certificate

  • Become eligible for advanced training. Terms apply*


I am happy to acknowledge the career changing support that I received from ITK team, because of which I am an entrepreneur today running a small Software Development business.  I am excited to be featured in their Startup Expo TV and fully trust their guidance for youngsters like me..

Samuel - IT Entrepreneur, Chennai

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