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Glad to have you here.  @Tech Huddle you will learn to master the art of low code app building.

The gig economy is fueling the opportunities for many youngsters and as the world is moved by apps, apps and apps for every action we perform - be it personal or professional, it is time you upgrade yourself with the right coding skills.

What better than Zoho Creator.  Zoho Creator combines no code, low code and pro code so that whether you are non-programmer or a programmer, you get to experience rapid application development at the tip of your fingers! No fuss. No Stress. Just build apps.


Here is a chance to make your students visible to global opportunities.  They can now LEARN TO BUILD A LOW CODE APP IN REAL TIME at a most affordable manner.  Your students can now get up-skilled on low code app development on Zoho Creator.

Register your institution for the special live low code workshop and make your students to learn to build and use web-mobile apps on the world class SAAS platform – Zoho Creator - in just five hours.

What’s more, all students will be taught to publish the app awarded with a certificate of participation and completion.  Our expert trainers will provide online hands-on training to build a special business app using the Zoho Creator platform. The app they build can be used by anyone and they will learn how to publish apps on the Web and Mobile platforms ie PlayStore and AppStore. 


Become a versatile app builder on Zoho Creator and become visible to exciting opportunities globally. You will be involved in many on the job work experiences including research, development and invention of apps - all getting you that much needed experience in app building right from your college days itself!


Show case your app building skills whererever needed - be it a college project or building an app for that college event or take a gig in support-development opporunities through ITK or through the available internship programmes from ITK. 

Creative Working


We select bright and passionate minds for some very special gigs.  These gigs will help you learn advanced tools and put some money in your pocket too!


If you have the knack to solve real world problems, then get on it immediately. ITK will mentor your app building so that you can create your own apps and publish them. 

Open Workspace
Casual Meeting


Once you have completed the workshop, you will get access to a whole bunch of professionals with whom you can discuss, ideate and research solutions. ITK collaborates with many institutions in research and app inventions and you could be a part of it.


With Zoho Creator, it doesn't take a village to build a world-class app.  Just set go with small teams and prepare your forms, include workflows, integrate with apps and whoosh ...publish them! It could win you that prize in the Coding Contests  or you could build some great app for your own department.


I am happy to acknowledge the career changing support that I received from ITK team, because of which I am an entrepreneur today running a small Software Development business.  I am excited to be featured in their Startup Expo TV and fully trust their guidance for youngsters like me..

Samuel - IT Entrepreneur, Chennai

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